Keep Calm It’s Halloween


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“When witches go riding, & black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween”

halloween 13

I have always loved the mystical spirit of Halloween, and I wanted to share some inspiration with you as it is only a week away ~ 

10 fun facts about Halloween:

(please note there are many versions of the origins of this day, but the traditions remain the same)

1.An intense fear of Halloween is called Samhainophobia

2. Halloween originates from a celtic tradition, traced back to around 2000 years ago, to a pre-Christian Celtic festival called “Samhain” which means “Summers end”. It marked the end of the Celtic calendar year for Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. They believed it was the time that spirits and fairies could enter our world

3. Black and orange are colors typically associated with Halloween. Orange symbolises strength, harvest and autumn, while black symbolises death and darkness

4. Harry Houdini was one of the worlds most mysterious and talented magicians, ironically he died on Halloween night

5. There is something sweet about seeing spiders on Halloween. According to ancient legends, seeing a spider on Halloween means the spirit of a loved one is watching over you

6.The owl is a popular Halloween image. in Medieval Europe, owls were thought to be witches, & to hear an owl’s call meant someone was about to die

7. The tradition of dressing up in costume, initially started to keep away the evil spirits from knowing your original form. Note to self: dress spookier! no bunny costumes allowed …    

8. The word “Halloween” has roots in Catholicism. It comes from “Hallowmas”, a three day catholic holiday, during which saints are honoured and people pray for the deceased

9.Halloween is the second most commercially succsessful holiday world wide after Christmas

10.Did you know carved pumpkins were called “Jack O Lanterns”? and do you know why? They are named after a farmer called Jack. There was an Irish folk tale about a farmer who always played tricks on the devil, because of this the devil forced him to wander the earth with only a lump of coal for light. Jack then put the coal in a turnip to use as a lantern while guiding his soul. during the 1800’s when the myth was brought to the US, families started using pumpkins instead of turnips (as they were not popular), to keep evil spirits away. Doesn’t this make them even more captivating? all the more reason to carve and light up more pumpkins!

Halloween is such an enchanting festival of darkness and I love the touches that cities and individuals add to the nights spirit. I have put some ideas below to get you excited about starting your own treats (I am sure you already know how AHHHmazing pintrest is!).


I Love these fun front door decoration ideas. You can also include lights in the hats with strings to light up the night

 7  hat


Adorable! For the cookies, you could use mini reeses peanut butter for the chocolate heads, YUUM

  9 3

 Serve the BAND AID crackers along with trick or treats, haha    

5 2

I am so excited to make this one … Perfect scary movie night snacks!


Just Adorable and so easy  

6   8

You can put the shot drinks in the Pumpkin too!

1 5

For the healthier options, but not the less creative! 

10 halloween 8


“Magick is a Gift that not all can see, But for those who can …

Blessed are we”


Have so much fun guys 😉                           




The Korean Effect


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I have always been excited about the beauty Industry, in particular skin care. I am always analysing different trends and products, doing my own research on the latest ingredients and brands, trying and testing what works best for who and what, it has become a rewarding hobby and passion of mine. I love sharing my process with people, hoping to add value to your beauty rituals. Today I will brush on The “Korean effect” in the beauty market and how fascinated I am by their diligence with their regimen and their advanced expertise with their product range.

maar01_breakthroughsWhy has Korean Skin care become so popular now?

Their innovation is exceptional and based on my research their development with ingredients and product variety tops any other beauty industry market. Most beauty trends and references actually originate from Korea and Japan and to seal the deal their packaging is decorative and pampering just like women need the experience to be.

 Gentle and super effective formulas. Korean skin care utilises the earths formulations along with western ingredients to deliver groundbreaking results, without the harsh chemicals that most products are subjected to. Key formulas in Korean skin care are: bee venom, snail slime, charcoal and much more.

Best Value for money without ever sacrificing quality. The competition with beauty brands is aggressive in Korea, which has benefited the pricing strategy, keeping it low compared to mostly all western high end brands.



Below are some of my must buys:




 Slide1                                                                                    Slide1 copy


There is so much more to explore within this market and that is the main rule, to always keep searching, trying and asking questions about the products we use. Educated and demanding customers will shape the innovation and developmental process of the beauty industry to our benefit.

Notes: Please always ensure you invest in products that suit your skin type and always consult a doctor for any allergies or reactions. 

Further Links

“10 steps to perfect skin – the Korean way”:

Online stores

Skin Food:

The Face Shop: 

Peach & Lily: 


              Note To SelfBeauty doesn’t radiate unless it is from the inside out! x


Dear Summer, let’s sizzle safely x


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  Summer waves have certainly mesmerised us already in Dubai 😉 here are some of my favourite summer preps and rituals, please give me your tricks too x    



I hope this inspires your summer beauty buys,                 Editor x

I hope this inspires your summer beauty buys,
Editor x


wake me up with love …


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I can safely say we all feel tired sometimes.

Life is hectic and always being on the go interferes with our proper sleep routine. Weather we are pulling all nighters for school, stressing over work deadlines, getting on and off flights, organising family and friends events this all affects the rest of our skin. Note to self, sometimes we could even be lucky enough to have enough rest but still our skin looks dull, this can be due to natural causes such as, stress, bad weather, low hydration, lack of nutrition, menstrual cycle and many other factors (UGHHH)


Here is where some beauty magic and science play a role, I love to share what new buys I have been using and it’s results (this is not any form of promoting brands, only my visual and expressive mood board)

During one of my latest beauty buys I invested in the brand Origins. I usually love their products but it was my first time to purchase their Ginzing range, I bought the brightening eye cream and gel face mask.


I put the two products in the fridge when it is convenient for me, as it makes the tingle sensation all the better and wakes up the skin.

*Magic Ingredient of the products: Coffee beans

-Scientific studies have proven that coffee beans are antioxidants and helps with rejuvenating the skin. It is a skin booster, reduces puffiness and redness, and tightens your complexion. The perfect benefit is you get the caffein working the beauty but if used at night it doesn’t affect any sleep patterns 😉

How I like to use it:

The Eye cream I use every day in the morning or before a night out, it moisturises, brightens any dark circles and pops the colour of your eyes, which is what we all need.

The mask I also use in the morning, when needed, don’t exceed twice a week (otherwise I believe the effects wear off after the skin gets too used to it). It is also great after a long day, you can apply it on and sleep. Usually if I apply it in the morning and go out for the day, I wipe it off with wet cotton pads. If it is during the night or for a day at home, I sometimes just leave it on … easy, comforting, and reviving. The products are not drastic, instead they are more uplifting and refreshing, we all need a little help 🙂

Spa Resort

Be You, be Beautiful xo

My Beauty Basics for a fresh face


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I have gone in and out of Dermo’s more than I have been to the grocery store, I am sure many of you can relate to this exaggeration.

I have researched and tested so many products since I was around 14 years old, of course I am no expert, but I do believe with time I have come to understand my skin better than any doctor. It all comes down to learning what works best for your skin and going with it, skin is a whole adventure on its own, almost everything and anything can affect it.

For today’s post on Beauty, I would like to share with you my basic “go to” products for the face. Keep in mind my skin type is combination, I am prone to breakouts and believe religiously in facials (it saved my pores, but takes awhile). The products that I have listed below are really great for normal, sensitive, combination, oily and problematic skin (tried and tested). Of course any one with any specific or major skin issues should see a Dermatologist before any course of action.

foreverForever, Aloe wash

The lovely lady Eliana, who does my facial, gave me great advice when she told me to wash my face with a cleanser only before bed time (and not 2 times a day morning/night, which is what every dermo told me to do). I was first hesitant because my skin is oily and can breakout easily, but I tried this routine and in 3 weeks the balance and appearance of my skin was so much brighter (just a note to consider).

The Aloe face wash is very gentle and effective in cleansing my skin, you can also wash your hands and clean off any excess makeup, its lovely!


 Biore, Warming Pore Cleanser

Really great scrub/cleanser, to use twice a week sometimes 3 depending on the state of your skin and how you feel (instead of the Aloe cleanser).

It heats up as your rub it on your skin and that way cleanses the pores well.


Olay, Moisturising lotion

I love this lotion because its “old school”, smells simple if that makes sense and keeps my skin comfortable. It’s not the type of moisturiser that has a target like wrinkles, or lightens pigmentation but it does moisturise well, I dab it around my eyes too.


Lush, Rose & Lavender Toner    toner

I highly suggest this to be your friend on flights (your skin gets very dull and dry on planes), it is a  nourishing mist and smells lovely.

I use this mist as a morning wake me up mist and as a “pull myself together” mist in the afternoons.

I love the rose and lavender, because it calms my skin. Lush does this toner also in Sea Salt and Tea Tree (slightly stronger mists, but still good).

It is really great for many purposes and gives my face a boost when needed.

Bioderma, Makeup Remover (for sensitive skin)15064830801

I am sure many of you already use this and know that it’s simply great.

It cleans mascara and heavy eye makeup really well and I also use it as a fresh up before applying makeup sometimes.


Laura Mercier, Tinted Moisturiser     tinted moisturiser

This product I can’t really go without, I use it almost every day and it makes my skin look well rested and sun kissed. I usually mix it with a little of the Olay moisturiser and spread it. I am fair skin toned and I use the tinted moisturiser in the colour “Sand” (oil free).

I hope you guys got some good tips and please write me your comments on anything x


Start your mornings with energy


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We all know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast.

I am not sure about all of you but I am definitely guilty for not always having a healthy breakfast. Sometimes we wake up late, or we have to run out really early, other times we are just not in the mood. Either way, we should practice to get into the habit of waking up and starting our days right with breakfast.

One of my favourite, quick and very healthy choices is an oatmeal mix up. I have been having this regularly and I see the difference it makes in my day. It gives me more energy, especially for the time we dedicate to exercise, also it helps keep my metabolism working. There are many different ways to make an oatmeal mix, please find below my mix of the recipe.

You will need:

Whole grain oats


Milk, either fresh milk or soy/almond (whichever your preference)


A mix of seeds, such as: flaxseed, pumpkin, sesame, goji berries (my favourite is Linwoods seeds, it comes in all kinds of mixes)


1 Banana and Honey (mash the banana and mix with 1 tbl spoon honey)


Now we mix it up:

– Cook the oats in milk for around 3 minutes, until the oats slightly start to bubble up.(put only a little amount of milk, enough for the bowl that you will be eating from. I prefer my oatmeal thicker, so I add less milk)

– Then add in the banana and honey and the rest of the seeds, mix mix mix.


Health Benefits:

Research has shown that oats has many nutritional values. High fiber foods such as oats helps prevent heart disease, also it helps remove cholesterol from the digestive system, instead of allowing it to move into the blood stream. Oats and seeds are also a great source of Vitamin E and an antioxidant to help boost our immune system, these ingredients are not only nourishing for our insides, but will also positively affect our appearance from the outside (healthy hair, nails and skin) these are only a few of its many health benefits.

I always believe with food, experiment and add away, especially with an easy recipe like this, don’t stick to any rule, add in different seeds and flavours and enjoy being healthy 🙂



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Once Upon a Time we are born, beautiful babies full of hope and light.

From the time we start crawling, the next few decades of our life are somewhat planned, time framed I like to call it. From crawling we start walking, talking and running, we can do no wrong and are praised for being perfect.

Soon enough we start school, now school is a very significant time for just about any of us, especially those very dramatic high school years. Even with the mess of it all, we know that this is a stage of life that has a finish line, however many of us don’t believe that we will ever reach that finish line because it seems so far away. I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for passing high school somewhat with a sane attitude, even though we did go insane at times. Hormones are just about everywhere except where they should be, we fall madly in love almost every weekend and we convince ourselves that it’s forever. We act out almost every epic scene in our favourite TV shows because we believe that we are those characters sometimes, its only going to get weirder if I continue but what great stories! haha

Then the stage of the renowned college years. As human beings we give really significant advice but as listeners we won’t really know the true meaning until “we know”. Only until you experience the after math of college years do you really understand what it means to treasure them, even if you did grab those moments the best way you knew how.  At this stage if your lucky, you meet some of the best people that become your family and you undergo a 360 degree analyses of yourself for the better and for the worse.

It’s the stage that comes next which asks the million dollar question, now what?

It is like EE Cummings states:

“It takes great courage to grow up and become who you really are”

It is okay to not have your life figured out in your 20’s, but it is not okay to believe that you have the potential to be anything less than great.

On that note, have a great night folks x

DIY: it’s all in your Kitchen Cabinet!


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Hello Lovelies!


Ever feel like your skin could do with a home remedy booster?

Maybe you have been a cinnamon diva this summer and neglected your skin, causing dryness or darker skin patches (dead skin) or probably feeling an over all lack of luster? no worries!

This very simple yet very effective home remedy which I will explain below, works wonders for that end of summer skin pampering session. It gives your skin the boost it needs to start a new season and is also a great way to maintain your kissable “bronziness” through out the summer. If you do this once a week or once every two weeks it promotes healthier skin complexion and glossier tans!

You will need:

-A bowl


-Brown/white sugar (I use brown sugar, only because I prefer its scrubbing texture)

-Honey (if you’r feeling generous Manuka honey is a great option as it is high in  antibacterial and healing properties: UMF 20 +/ or regular honey)


How to:

-Mix 1 tablespoon of sugar with 1 tablespoon of honey (more or less depending on your preference of texture/ I usually like to have equal amounts of both so I can get a fluffy exfoliant rub)

-Either one full lemon or half a lemon squeeze into the mixture (again all depends how much of each ingredient you want to have in your mix/ just make sure it does not turn out watery)

-Mix mix mix with a spoon till it fluffs up and then slather on problematic areas: elbows, knees, upper thighs (bottom), underarms, feet and wherever else.

useful tip: I don’t recommend this for the face because in general I find sugar to be harsh on the face. BUT you can gently exfoliate your lips with this yummy scrub, just try not to eat all of it !


The lemon really gives a “zestiness” to the whole shower experience, while the honey heals and nourishes the sugar polishes away! Trust & Try the natural way Xo






Glittering Eyes need Stylish Shades!


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I love a great pair of sunglasses!!! It highlights your look and creates a signature for your image. I usually like to change my shades often because they really reflect my mood and my sense of fashion (that day lol) so I like to tell a story with them 😉

High street brands to high end fashion houses create endless choices for fashionistas all around the world, From funky, neon, printed to classic pieces, and lets not forget the ever so dramatic frames! It’s always so much fun to create a look with your statement piece sunglasses!!!

I want to post a few of my favourites from Linda Farrow’s collection * her collection embodies the runway trendsetter with outrageous quirkiness!

Enter the realm of eye wear Extravaganza: 

Screenshot_2013-09-25-21-07-22 2

Screenshot_2013-09-25-21-09-09 2     Screenshot_2013-09-25-21-08-48 2

Screenshot_2013-09-25-21-06-58 2Screenshot_2013-09-25-21-06-28 2

Screenshot_2013-09-25-23-39-05 2


Which shades are you? Xo


Photographs  from Linda Farrow Instagram page: @LindaFarrow

Collaborations (above designs): @KTZ, @JeremyScott, @ParabalGurung

Check out the full scoop on Linda Farrow:

Yummy or healthy? BOTH!


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I love french fries but it’s a deadly pleasure lol luckily there is always a better choice! SWEET POTATO baked fries!!!

Sweet Potato is so yummy and very healthy (if we are going to eat carbs it might as well be healthy right?)

Some of its Health Benefits:

– Good source of Vitamin C (stronger immune system, collagen production)

– Contains Vitamin D (plays an important role in our energy levels and moods)

– Contains Iron (red and white blood cells production)

– Good source of Magnesium ( which is the relaxation and anti stress mineral)

– Rich in beta carotine (vitamin A is an important anti oxidant)

So here is a very simple way of how I make my sweet potato baked fries: keep in mind that you can add in whatever you want, its really a matter of preference and I usually change up a few ingredients when I need a change, but here is the simplest way to make them and its so yummy 🙂

How to make:

– I usually cut up 2 medium sized potatoes (really depends on how much you want to make)

– Mix the potato peices in a bowl with extra virgin olive oil (just enough to cover coat the potato pieces)

– I love to mix paprika with my olive oil in the bowl of potatoes, the spice gives a zesty taste and bakes beautiful (you could add other herbs and spices, depending on your preferences)

– lay the pieces on a tray that is open from top and bottom so both sides can bake in the oven (avoid burnt or uncooked pieces)

– place in oven (pre heat at the highest temperature of your oven, then lessen as you place tray inside)

– allow to cook for around 30 minutes (less or more, keep monitoring and check with toothpick)


Eat and enjoy as a side dish or on its own 🙂 Xo