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Hello Lovelies!


Ever feel like your skin could do with a home remedy booster?

Maybe you have been a cinnamon diva this summer and neglected your skin, causing dryness or darker skin patches (dead skin) or probably feeling an over all lack of luster? no worries!

This very simple yet very effective home remedy which I will explain below, works wonders for that end of summer skin pampering session. It gives your skin the boost it needs to start a new season and is also a great way to maintain your kissable “bronziness” through out the summer. If you do this once a week or once every two weeks it promotes healthier skin complexion and glossier tans!

You will need:

-A bowl


-Brown/white sugar (I use brown sugar, only because I prefer its scrubbing texture)

-Honey (if you’r feeling generous Manuka honey is a great option as it is high in  antibacterial and healing properties: UMF 20 +/ or regular honey)


How to:

-Mix 1 tablespoon of sugar with 1 tablespoon of honey (more or less depending on your preference of texture/ I usually like to have equal amounts of both so I can get a fluffy exfoliant rub)

-Either one full lemon or half a lemon squeeze into the mixture (again all depends how much of each ingredient you want to have in your mix/ just make sure it does not turn out watery)

-Mix mix mix with a spoon till it fluffs up and then slather on problematic areas: elbows, knees, upper thighs (bottom), underarms, feet and wherever else.

useful tip: I don’t recommend this for the face because in general I find sugar to be harsh on the face. BUT you can gently exfoliate your lips with this yummy scrub, just try not to eat all of it !


The lemon really gives a “zestiness” to the whole shower experience, while the honey heals and nourishes the sugar polishes away! Trust & Try the natural way Xo