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I have gone in and out of Dermo’s more than I have been to the grocery store, I am sure many of you can relate to this exaggeration.

I have researched and tested so many products since I was around 14 years old, of course I am no expert, but I do believe with time I have come to understand my skin better than any doctor. It all comes down to learning what works best for your skin and going with it, skin is a whole adventure on its own, almost everything and anything can affect it.

For today’s post on Beauty, I would like to share with you my basic “go to” products for the face. Keep in mind my skin type is combination, I am prone to breakouts and believe religiously in facials (it saved my pores, but takes awhile). The products that I have listed below are really great for normal, sensitive, combination, oily and problematic skin (tried and tested). Of course any one with any specific or major skin issues should see a Dermatologist before any course of action.

foreverForever, Aloe wash

The lovely lady Eliana, who does my facial, gave me great advice when she told me to wash my face with a cleanser only before bed time (and not 2 times a day morning/night, which is what every dermo told me to do). I was first hesitant because my skin is oily and can breakout easily, but I tried this routine and in 3 weeks the balance and appearance of my skin was so much brighter (just a note to consider).

The Aloe face wash is very gentle and effective in cleansing my skin, you can also wash your hands and clean off any excess makeup, its lovely!


 Biore, Warming Pore Cleanser

Really great scrub/cleanser, to use twice a week sometimes 3 depending on the state of your skin and how you feel (instead of the Aloe cleanser).

It heats up as your rub it on your skin and that way cleanses the pores well.


Olay, Moisturising lotion

I love this lotion because its “old school”, smells simple if that makes sense and keeps my skin comfortable. It’s not the type of moisturiser that has a target like wrinkles, or lightens pigmentation but it does moisturise well, I dab it around my eyes too.


Lush, Rose & Lavender Toner    toner

I highly suggest this to be your friend on flights (your skin gets very dull and dry on planes), it is a  nourishing mist and smells lovely.

I use this mist as a morning wake me up mist and as a “pull myself together” mist in the afternoons.

I love the rose and lavender, because it calms my skin. Lush does this toner also in Sea Salt and Tea Tree (slightly stronger mists, but still good).

It is really great for many purposes and gives my face a boost when needed.

Bioderma, Makeup Remover (for sensitive skin)15064830801

I am sure many of you already use this and know that it’s simply great.

It cleans mascara and heavy eye makeup really well and I also use it as a fresh up before applying makeup sometimes.


Laura Mercier, Tinted Moisturiser     tinted moisturiser

This product I can’t really go without, I use it almost every day and it makes my skin look well rested and sun kissed. I usually mix it with a little of the Olay moisturiser and spread it. I am fair skin toned and I use the tinted moisturiser in the colour “Sand” (oil free).

I hope you guys got some good tips and please write me your comments on anything x