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I can safely say we all feel tired sometimes.

Life is hectic and always being on the go interferes with our proper sleep routine. Weather we are pulling all nighters for school, stressing over work deadlines, getting on and off flights, organising family and friends events this all affects the rest of our skin. Note to self, sometimes we could even be lucky enough to have enough rest but still our skin looks dull, this can be due to natural causes such as, stress, bad weather, low hydration, lack of nutrition, menstrual cycle and many other factors (UGHHH)


Here is where some beauty magic and science play a role, I love to share what new buys I have been using and it’s results (this is not any form of promoting brands, only my visual and expressive mood board)

During one of my latest beauty buys I invested in the brand Origins. I usually love their products but it was my first time to purchase their Ginzing range, I bought the brightening eye cream and gel face mask.


I put the two products in the fridge when it is convenient for me, as it makes the tingle sensation all the better and wakes up the skin.

*Magic Ingredient of the products: Coffee beans

-Scientific studies have proven that coffee beans are antioxidants and helps with rejuvenating the skin. It is a skin booster, reduces puffiness and redness, and tightens your complexion. The perfect benefit is you get the caffein working the beauty but if used at night it doesn’t affect any sleep patterns 😉

How I like to use it:

The Eye cream I use every day in the morning or before a night out, it moisturises, brightens any dark circles and pops the colour of your eyes, which is what we all need.

The mask I also use in the morning, when needed, don’t exceed twice a week (otherwise I believe the effects wear off after the skin gets too used to it). It is also great after a long day, you can apply it on and sleep. Usually if I apply it in the morning and go out for the day, I wipe it off with wet cotton pads. If it is during the night or for a day at home, I sometimes just leave it on … easy, comforting, and reviving. The products are not drastic, instead they are more uplifting and refreshing, we all need a little help 🙂

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Be You, be Beautiful xo