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I have always been excited about the beauty Industry, in particular skin care. I am always analysing different trends and products, doing my own research on the latest ingredients and brands, trying and testing what works best for who and what, it has become a rewarding hobby and passion of mine. I love sharing my process with people, hoping to add value to your beauty rituals. Today I will brush on The “Korean effect” in the beauty market and how fascinated I am by their diligence with their regimen and their advanced expertise with their product range.

maar01_breakthroughsWhy has Korean Skin care become so popular now?

Their innovation is exceptional and based on my research their development with ingredients and product variety tops any other beauty industry market. Most beauty trends and references actually originate from Korea and Japan and to seal the deal their packaging is decorative and pampering just like women need the experience to be.

 Gentle and super effective formulas. Korean skin care utilises the earths formulations along with western ingredients to deliver groundbreaking results, without the harsh chemicals that most products are subjected to. Key formulas in Korean skin care are: bee venom, snail slime, charcoal and much more.

Best Value for money without ever sacrificing quality. The competition with beauty brands is aggressive in Korea, which has benefited the pricing strategy, keeping it low compared to mostly all western high end brands.



Below are some of my must buys:




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There is so much more to explore within this market and that is the main rule, to always keep searching, trying and asking questions about the products we use. Educated and demanding customers will shape the innovation and developmental process of the beauty industry to our benefit.

Notes: Please always ensure you invest in products that suit your skin type and always consult a doctor for any allergies or reactions. 

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              Note To SelfBeauty doesn’t radiate unless it is from the inside out! x