Hello my charmed ones!

Welcome to my creative space 🙂 

I want to share with all of you what I feel inspired by and I am sure as we move along this journey pieces of me will unravel.

Nevertheless I’ll give you guys a teaser:

I believe mermaids exist! they do …

My friends and family are my rainbow ~

I am on this expedition to a much healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally

I am a product fanatic, always in search of more and better

Fashion is liberating and expressed all around us through history, design and culture, in many ways it’s also shaped so many revolutions, especially for women. It’s facinating, become a part of that and enjoy it. 

I feel magic all around me, look through glittering eyes and your whole world will change so try not to waste too many days on mood swings lol

My close friends call me “nabu” Xo


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  1. Hind Belrahif said:

    Just anothet subscriber..



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